Special classes

All around Gates and Doors

We will have a lot of different exercises on different kinds of doors and gates, how…


…to come in and go out of the house without a dog which wants to escape through our legs


…to open a gate, come in and close the gate while our dog is waiting inside


…to let our dog wait in the car while we open the doors and take out our goods and only to jump on command out of the car


…to close a door between us and our dog (when we leave the room or house)


Term: 8 lessons

Location: Phuket Dog Resort


Maximum of 4 members per class


Anti Hunting

We learn about the different methods to get back the attention of our dog. We also deepen to call back our dog so we are able to get him back to our side in every situation. In combination of these we interprete the signals of our dog to stop him before he starts to hunt and give him more attractive alternatives instead of hunting.


Term: 10 lessons

Location: Phuket Dog Resort and surrounding


Maximum of 4 members per class



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