Doggy's Dinner

Dog at the market
Dogs would buy raw meat!

Every dog is special...


Therefor we offer for our guests a wide range of freshly prepared meals. 

Appropriate raw food with fresh chicken, beef, goat or salmon, vegetables, fruits, a selection of herbs as well as coconut- and olive-oil. For our dog meals we only use fresh ingredients which are adapted for human consumption. 


We also prepare special raw food diets for rehabilitation and skin problems.


If your dog needs a special diet, just let us know.  

You can also buy our home made B.A.R.F. (Bones And Raw Food) in our shop. There are boxes with different meals of 250/500/1000 gram available. 


If your dog needs a special diet, just ask for it. We can prepare every raw food meal according to your dogs diet. 

For our environment we only use food containers with a refundable deposit. 


If you bring the boxes back to us we will refund you the price of the container. 
Join our campaign to reduce using plastic.

Food containers ready to deliver.


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