Every dog has its special needs... 

In order to accomplish that, we offer the right accommodation for your four-legged darling. 

The dogs live with us in a friendly, family atmosphere in which they have a lot of loving human contact. 

Each guest will have a spacious private room and have serveral hours a day of free running in the large garden.

If your dog prefers to be aloneextra large enclosures

are available.

We offer the following accommodation...

- Rooms of varying sizes with furnishings.

- Minimum size of rooms is 2.5 m x 4 m for a single dog.

  The standards of the rooms are above the guidelines

  set by the German Animal Protection Act – one of the

  strictest in the world.

- Dogs that live together in their own homes can be

  accommodated in especially large indoor rooms and extra

  space outdoors.

- All rooms have an indoor and a shaded outdoor area and

  fans or air condition is available.

- All rooms have a cozy bed and soft blankets.

- Waterbeds are available for large dogs or ones with


- Some rooms have their own paddling pool. 

Dog rooms

- Standard, 8 square meter


- Premier, 14 square meter


- DeLuxe, 12 square meter with separate outside space 

  and connecting door to a 2nd room (8 square meter)

  For owners with more than one dog


Silk Suite, only for dogs up to 5 kg 


- V. I. D. Lounge

  private care, treated as part of the family 


Huge, grassy garden to run and play... 


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