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General Manager Phuket-Dog-Resort
General Manager Phuket-Dog-Resort

First, a few words from the Phuket-Dog-Resort's general manager Mr. Felix:


Sometimes when I meet other dogs they show an aggressive behaviour towards me , other dogs and also human beings .


They do so, although I send out many signals that I am very friendly! In most cases the reason for this behavious is, that they simply do not understand me.


They do not understand me because they have not learned the signals I show when they have been a puppy! “

"You cannot teach an old dog new tricks!"

You can! The first 16 weeks are the most important in a dog's life. Between the 3rd and 12th week are the most important for the socialization of a young dog.


During this time the puppy learns to communicate with other dogs, becomes used to other animals, people, external stimuli, like traffic noise and crowds of people. By week 16 a dogs senses and motor skills are fully developed.


A good socialized dog has learnt to be friendly and open-minded towards external people, children, other animals and his environment. If this base in education is there then an older dog can be taught new and useful tricks!


Dogs with insufficient socialization very often show fear or aggressive behaviour. It takes effort to “repair” insufficient socialization and in some cases it is impossible.

Why should I take my dog to puppy school?

The puppy class is the foundation for joy and happiness with your dog, for the rest of his life.


The best time for a puppy to be taken away from the mother is at 12 weeks. However in most cases this happens between 6 and 8 weeks. By doing this he is taken away from his well-known environment before he is ready and taken into totally new surroundings.

In most cases this is totally different from what the puppy has experienced before. Often he is only in contact with people, lives 'alone' in a house or garden, accompanies the new owner on their daily routines, has to stay home alone – and the biggest difference – little contact with other dogs, people and surroundings.

As stated before, this contact is very important for the socialization of the puppy, and takes place at puppy school.

Sometimes owners with new puppies protect them from other dogs and the outside world because they are worried about disease or injury. 


At the Phuket-Dog-Resort we do everything to minimize these risks as the advantages of early training far outweigh the disadvantages.


The effort and cost will easily pay off for the further education of your dog.


What happens at the puppy school?

First of all, puppy school is fun – for the dog and for the owner. 


We meet in a relaxed atmosphere. The puppies will discover new surroundings and play together. The owners will sit together with cool drinks and chat about dogs and their education.

The Phuket-Dog-Resort trainer will try to answer all your questions and give useful information about dogs in general; nutrition, vaccination, diseases and provide tips and tricks on how to educate your puppy.


We will show you games that help stimulate the dogs brain and improve the relationship between dog and owner.


We will slowly start to train the basic commands like “sit”, “down”, “come or here”, “out/no” and to walk on the leash.


However, the main focus is on fun and joy for everyone without stressing the young puppies.


This is not a “bootcamp” for puppies.


Where and when do we meet?

The puppy classes will take place two times a week for about 2 hours. Once a week we meet at the Phuket-Dog-Resort in Thalang, near Tonsai National Park.


Here we may use our own dogs to help with the training.


The second time we will meet somewhere on Phuket island that is accessible to all the participants. Suggestions appreciated.   e.g. dog friendly beach, park etc. This is to give training to the puppies in an unfamiliar environment.

Who should enroll in puppy class?

All puppies with owners that would like to have a well behaved dog that they can take anywhere. Especially for first time dog owners, who will be offered expert advice to make dog ownership a wonderful, lasting experience.


For further information or in case of questions:


 telephone +66 (0) 83 59 96 01 7



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