Freshly baked treats - home made

- 100% natural

- without further additives

- gluten free

- grain free


For our dog treats we only use fresh ingredients which are adapted for human consumption. 


The treats are available in bags of 150/500/1000 gram.  

Green tripe treats:

Green tripe (Rumen), buck wheat, egg, coconut oil


Liver-beetroot treats:

Liver, beet root, buck wheat, egg, coconut oil


Salmon-sweet potato treats: 

Salmon, sweet potato, buck wheat, egg, dill, parsley, spirulina


Pumpkin-banana-carrot treats:

Pumpkin, banana, carrot, coconut flour, egg, flax seeds, coconut oil, tumeric


Calcium treats:

Coconut flesh, coconut flour, egg shells, goat milk powder, goji berries, chia seeds, egg, coconut oil


Fresh breath - clean teeth treats:  

Sweet potatoe, oat flake, coconut flour, parsley, mint, thyme, fennel, anis, ginger, egg, coconut oil, charcoal  


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